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Experiments in Nomadism, Minimalism and Ecocentrism

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Have you ever asked yourself if our ideas about success are all they’re made out to be? Do you ever wonder if work and pursuit of money and material possessions are ALL THERE IS to life? For twenty years, Michael Blue, an accountant trapped on the corporate treadmill, contemplated these questions. Now he lives in a bus in the dense jungles of Northern Sumatra. This is his idea of freedom. He is a fugitive of an unusual kind, an escapee from the work-consume-die hamster wheel. He has a simple existence without much use for work or money.

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In The Consumption Cleanse, winner of the 2017 International Writers Inspiring Change “Most Inspiring Author Award“, the author has peeled back the marketing spin and corporate hogwash that is wrapped around many of our common foods to reveal the truth about what we eat. Together with these truths, the cleanse comprises the results of his self-experimentation, extraction plans and food-replacement suggestions in relation to 13 of our most commonly consumed food groups.

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Rampant consumerism is one of the greatest forces behind the rapidly increasing destruction of our planet. It is the driving force behind the corporatisation of the globe and the destruction of the human qualities of co-operation, community and creativity. This book is for those that agree with this observation.


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