July 9th, the launch date of The Anatomy of Escape is only 4 weeks away. I can hardly wait but not for the reason you might imagine. Sure, it means I’ll sell millions of copies, hit the NY Times Best Seller list and perhaps won’t have to live in a car, sleep in a hammock in a burnt out building site or have to wash myself with kerosene to rid myself of bed bugs from when I do stay in an economical dormitory. But that is secondary to being able to focus more on what I’m writing about next. I’ve got an embryonic idea for my next book.

It’s odd because I can’t even say if it’s going to be memoir style or fiction. But it’s also cool, because the fiction, if it is to be that, closely resembles in many ways life as it seems to be rolling right now. I’m in the research and idea-generation phase at the moment so you might soon see some articles coming through that give some hints about the concepts that will be in the book. Think, Brave New World, Idiocracy, Lord of the Flies and Mosquito Coast. Without insulting the creators of those books/films, my new book will have a similar flavour.

That is why I can’t wait until the 9th of July. That date will mark the date when The Anatomy of Escape hits the track running, and I can move on to the new tome. But for now, I have to stay focused on it. Advanced reader copies are out there and reviews are starting to trickle in and it seems it is being well received.

So, put it in your Calendar, 9th of July. Wait until then and then grab a copy, links will come!